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Profile Picture is a Commision from occultbimbo on twitter. (Her Twitter is NSFW as a warning)


Hello! You can call me Nova Ray.I'm a writer, witch, musician, and chess nerd. I'm a butch trans woman and use she/her. This will be the place where I'll exhibit any new projects I'm working on!

It should be noted that while this is not an explicit website, I will discuss books and artworks that could be considered explicit in nature. If you cannot engage with that for any reason please leave.

Here is my button if you'd like to link back to me. I used Hekate's button maker to make it

Picture of me which has my pronouns listed as she/her underneath


Find my most recent writing of My Poetry Here

For My most recent musical endeavor check out my soundcloud right here.Of recent I've been getting really into dark ambient.

Digital Garden

A digital garden is a place where you can share and tend to ideas and learn in public. It allows for you to create things that aren't perfect and tend and grow them other time. I was inspired by three people to make mine. Maggie Appleton , Joel Hooks, and swyx were all major forces in motivating me to make my own. I already have a zettelkasten (You can learn more about those here ) that I use in my everyday life, but the idea of learning in public sounded like a really helpful and robust idea that I wanted to explore. If you'd like to take a gander at my digital garden you can do so at this link

Vibe Graphics

Astral Traveler A spinning pentacle

Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful. Nietzche

Trans Pride Flag She Her Pronouns

 Black Lives Matter written in front of the Black Power fist

 A wizard shooting lighting I love old movies

Everything is temporary

Trans Rights Now!Trans rights, baby!

cringe culture is deadGirls NOW!

Its okay to give your bros some love written next to two guys kissing.

Never moon a werewolf.

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This website uses the open source fonts Source Serif 4 for headings. This font was designed by Frank GrieƟhammer. The body text consists of the open source font Charter. I got the recommendations (and the files for Charter) for fonts from Matthew Butterick. His book on typography is quite a fun read.

The Blog and and the digital garden(to be done) got their inspiration for formatting from Bikobatanari who I can no longer find on here unfortunately. :(

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